Culture Of Liquid Mediums


We have a saying: A day without Pho is a day without warmth. The harmonic comingling of fresh, healthy ingredients simmering in aromatic broth and customized with your choice of condiments is pure comfort in a bowl.

It’s through a culture of liquid mediums that we aim to nourish your body and soothe your soul – any time of day, every season of the year.

Rochester Has It's Rainy Days...


BROTH is brought to you by SEA Restaurant. SEA has been serving bone broth based soup, Pho, to Rochester, NY for the past 14 years. BROTH is focused on serving soul warming bone broth soup. 

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday from 11am - 5pm

Our Hub or GrubHub

We specialize in both sit-down and to-go orders to suit your situation.

Location & Parking

Sibley Square is centrally located, with ample parking steps away in nearby garages and street spaces.

Delicious authentic pho or enjoy one of our Thai / Vietnamese inspired protein bowls.

Broth Rochester Menu


#1 chicken [gluten free]


#2 brisket & steak [gluten free]


#3 beef special [gluten free]

[steak + brisket + meatball]

#4 vegan [v]

[vegan broth + mixed vegetables]

#5 just pho BROTH



[spicy red curry soup with herbs, aromatics & vermicelli noodle]

#6 chicken [gluten free]


#7 brisket [gluten free]


#8 shrimp [gluten free]


add ons:

+ seasonal mixed vegetables


+ extra meat


+ extra noodles


+ spice up your BROTH [choose level 1 star, 2 star or 3 star]


items that are not gluten free: hoison sauce & peanut sauce

Delicious authentic pho or enjoy one of our Thai / Vietnamese inspired protein bowls.

Broth Rochester Menu

protein bowls

chicken curry [gluten free]

suggestion: add mixed veggies [+$3]

lemongrass grilled bowls

choice of grilled protein + shredded carrot + grilled peppers + cucumbers + pickled onions + purple cabbage over rice w/ house sauce

– chicken


– beef

low carb option: mixed greens base



coconut water + pineapple + ginger + lime slice

chocolate banana nut

chocolate oat milk + bananas + raw almonds & walnuts topped with cacao * pinch of cinnamon


chocolate oak milk + bananas + mixed berries natural peanut butter topped with cacao

topics in a cup

coconut water + pineapple + mango + dragonfruit + topped with mango slices + kiwi + coconut shreds
add hemp protein boost: [+$2]


fiji water





locally owned kombucha

mexican coke [glass bottle]


diet coke


thai tea

add boba pearls +$1

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